tire shredders or tire crusher

tire shredders or tire crusher

Product description:

Brief introduction ofthe tire shredders or tire crusher:

Tire shredders (rubber crusher) in thecrushing process of chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, due to the influence of different forms of raw materials, many materials can not complete the whole process of grinding once, and often need to go through rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding. According to this situation, we analyze comprehensively the various characteristics of our raw materials and existing crushing facilities, and develope elaborately tire shredders.

Structure and Principle of the tire shredders or tire crusher:

The machine consists of frame, motor, feed inlet and crusher four major components. Material from the hopper directly into the grinding chamber, by the rapid rotation of theblade and the fixed knife to achieve the purpose of grinding, by switching the screen to control the different specifications, to meet the requirements of the particles from the discharge port.

The features of the tire shredders or tire crusher:

The machine is horizontal shaft type crushing machinery, easy to replace the screen, crushing tool for the cross-cutting, good design, low energy consumption, low noise, no vibration, easy operation, high grinding efficiency, uniform particles, etc.

Technical parameters of the tire shredders or tire crusher:




number of rotated knives


customized according to customer requirements

number of fixedknives


Crushingcapacity (kg/ h)


Meshaperture (m/ m)


Spindle Speed (r/ m)


Motor Power (k w)


ImportedSize (mm)


Dimensions (mm)


weight (kg)