waste refrigerator crusher

waste refrigerator crusher

Product description:

Brief introduction of the waste refrigerator crusher:

The Waste Refrigerator Crusher of Zhengzhou Xinfei machinery manufacturing is based on the traditional crusher and a kind of metal crusher equipment efficient, green, environmental protection, energy saving , assembled industry and technical experience abroad, which won the favor of the majority of the scrap recycling business.

According to different requirementsof customers, experts follow survey and in the light of foreign advanced technologyfor different model specifications grinder, making best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages. After the Advanced Improvements, the waste refrigerator crusher of Zhengzhou Xinfei operates smoothly and reliably. When using refrigerator crusher, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance.

The waste refrigerator crusher of Xinfei , low noise, large output, high crushing efficiency, decelerates motor drive, and configures the conveyor belt feeding device, . when the work of one or two people can control a mill equipment, simple operation, easy to use. It is very popular in the market.

The uses of the waste refrigerator crusher:

Waste refrigerator crusher of Xinfei is mainlyused for waste recyclingmarket and large-scale waste recycling, not only can crusher refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and bicycles can also iron, aluminum, bicycles, motorcycles, tin cans, paint cans and other metals as long as you can crushing process to achieve convenient transportation, convenient regeneration purposes. Users can adopt a variety of configurations in the light of the kind ofprocessing of raw materials, finished productsof different sizes andmaterialsrequired forthe use.

The Advantages of the waste refrigerator crusher:

1. Xinfei waste refrigerator crusher equipment gears motor drive, power smoothly without too much noise.

2. Xinfei waste refrigerator crusher has rugged construction, clouds stiffened plate mill equipment to ensure robust chassis.

3. Xinfei waste refrigerator crusher has full comprehensivedevice configuration, distribution conveyor feeding equipment, aluminum and iron crushed together when you can effectively separate.

4. Xinfei waste refrigerator crusher features a full control button, the entire machining process as long as a person can control a refrigerator mill equipment.

5. Xinfei waste refrigerator crusher equipmentidentifies the body with safety and security labels to ensure safe use.

6. Xinfei waste refrigerator crusher equipment produces small metal balls grains, easier processing.