cans cap stripping machine

cans cap stripping machine

Product description:

Brief introduction ofcans cap stripping machine:

Xinfei technicians develop automatic cans cap stripping machine according to the urgent market need. On the basis of manufacturing manualcans cap stripping machine developsuccessfully a kind of equipment, high-efficiency, laborsaving, energy saving, versatile cans and cans can lid, tank bottom decomposition.

The scopes of cans cap stripping machine:

Xin Fei cans cap stripping machine can cover the cans (such as Lulu, coconut milk, rice pudding, Wang Ji, Wang Zi, Red Bull, etc.) in order to put into the feed opening, The two can be a one-time cuttogether, and iron and aluminum separated. Also through the switchshear either end of the body. The advantage of this model is equivalent to the functions of two machines, which includes double-sided and single-sided cut, economical and practical. It isa variety of) cover (mouth) and bottom of the cans (such as Lulu, coconut milk, rice pudding, Wang Ji, Wang Zi, Red Bull, etc.) automaticallycut off, flat cut, hairless slag, gap. It is the idealprocessing equipment of tinplate recycled.

The features of cans cap stripping machine:

1. Two bonnet (bottom) after the spin off, cansstill maintain the original length, which can be recycled.

2. Aluminum cover rotary stripped is no longer a trace of the folder containing iron. Aluminum cans and a lid have a greater appreciation of the profits.

3. Small footprint; single and double can operate; easy

4. Cover and the bottom at the same timecutoffautomatically , incision smooth, hairless slag, gap.