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corn cob grinder

corn cob grinder
  • corn cob grinder
  • corn cob grinder
  • corn cob grinder
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Brief introduction of the corn cob grinder:

The corn cob grinder is a versatilegrindermade byZhengzhouXinfei manufacturing after many improvements of technology backbone. Corncob grinderwith a simple, reliable, good economic returns, easy maintenance, which is able to meet thecorn cob grinder, corn on the cob, peanut shells and other particles of stem classes (such as sweet potato vine, peanut bar, corn on the cob) .After oil extraction, cake, crustaceans (such as blighted grain, distillers dried grains, peanut shells) and materials crushed as biomass fuel or cultivation of edible fungi to use, it is suitable for individual specialist, township enterprises and small and medium sized farms (because processing finished can be used as fermentation bed) .

The scopes of the corn cob grinder:

Corn cob grinder is mainly applied to corn cobs, corn on the cob, wood, sawdust, wood scraps, dried twigs, bamboo, bamboo products scraps, plant straw, feed, chemical material and other materialscoarsely crushed (fine and superfinegrinding, using superfine flour mill to complete) .The corn cob grinder with high yield, reasonable structure, festival workers power, small footprint, etc. , is ideal material equipmentfor coarse crushing in corn cob, plant straw, bamboo, feed, chemical and other industries. You can also crush woven, soybeans, sorghum, blighted grain, straw, sweet potato vine, peanut shells, dried distillers grains, barley, wheat, beans, peas, peanut straw, corn cobs, corn stalks, sesame bar, rod sorghum, soybeans pole , odd bits of leather, herbs, beat down, crushed sugar cane, malt, coal, barite, and so on particle type, stem type, crustaceans and other materials, The corn cob grinding equipment for coarse grinding corn cob, plant straw, bamboo materials, chemical materials can be adjusted between -80 mesh particle fineness (more coarse granularity , higher yields)

Technical parameters of the corn cob grinder:

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