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Template grinder

Template grinder
  • Template grinder
  • Template grinder
  • Template grinder
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The template grinder is the new wood crushing machine designed by Xin fei. It is an advanced grinding equipment. On the basis of the absorption of a variety advantages of crushers, the template grinder designed by full use of the theory of assaulting, counterattacking, grinding. Compared with the same type of sawdust machine andthe wood flour machine, the template grinder can break wood with nails. The wood and nails are separated so that reducing the trouble of pluckingnails.

The scope of the template grinder:

The template grinder is mainly used in waste wood materials such as some waste building templates, wooden pallets, containers, boxes, waste material furniture. Among these timber, nails willnot be avoidable. Using Ordinary sawdust machine will damage the blade of the machine. However, the template grinder designed by Xinfei is the new template grinder removing nails automatically and it is not afraid of nails on bamboo or cargo pallets at construction plant. It is the ideal machine crushedprofessionally for materials of bamboo, waste template on theconstruction, plantwooden pallets and other materials. When the machine working, materials in the crushing chamber crushed fully and effectively, high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, crushing the material evenly. And when usingthis device, it owns the advantages of low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy to repair.


1. It has a engaging blade, the material crushed completely.

2. It selects special blade, the hardness of blade not less than HRC55 ( the hardness of dull knife is 51 degree )

3. Rugged construction, dense type stiffener plate to ensure cabinetstrongly

4. Automated button control, safety, convenience

5. Can be equipped with conveyor belt to feed material.