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bucket crusher

bucket crusher
  • bucket crusher
  • bucket crusher
  • bucket crusher
  • bucket crusher
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Brief introduction of the bucket crusher:

Bucket crusheris also called large crushercan, unlike crusher can, Because the diameter of bucket is generally15cm or more, crushing hardness and thicknessgreater, the principle of bucket crusher does not simply equate crusher can equipment.

The scopes of the bucket crusher:

Xinfei bucketcrusher for the purpose of environmental protection, in accordance with the principles of recycling, Zhengzhou Xinfei manufacturing makes active efforts to develop new products - paint bucket crusher. We develope a bucket crusher (cans crusher) , focusing on services in the waste recycling market, the iron bucket, bucket of milk, canned beer, cans, aluminum cans, plasticand processing to achieve the purposes of convenient transport, high efficient regeneration. We can design different machineaccording to the special requirements of users.

It brakes Lulu cans, Red Bull cans, beer cans, oil drums, paint cans and other cans into groups like particles to reduce transport costs and improve the speed of scrap cast iron stove. These advantages maximize to meet the basic requirements, fine material EAF steelmaking, shortening some timesmelting. And pure ball cans can also be added as steelmaking material.

The working principle of the bucket crusher:

Xinfei bucket crusher makebucket labeled as spherical, its core principle is to use the basic principles of a hammer, under the high-speed high-torque motor driven, hammer on the host rotor hittingthe material to be broken, into the cavity. Through the space between the liner and the hammer will tear material to be broken into conforming to the specifications.

According to the working condition of the paint bucket crusher can be divided into dry systems, wet systems and sub-humid systems. Dry system mainly refers detritus must maneuver through the air sorting system and separates the metal and nonmetal. While the entire system is equipped with dust removal device. Wet systems are watering simultaneously while broken, and cleaning while sorting. Sub-humidsystem isnecessaryonly whenbroken, carrying a small amount of water, preventing dust, no cleaning.