crusher can

crusher can

Product description:

Brief introduction of the crusher can:

The crusher can is made by Zhengzhou Xinfei Manufacturing Co. , according to the urgent needs of the market, combined with the specific organizational strength and the actual application of domestic and foreign customers has produced a new, highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, new crusher. The crusher, flexible and convenient , has tight structure and large output notable features.

The crusher can is mainly used large-scale waste recycling. The crusher can also be Lulu cans, Red Bull cans, beer cans, oil drums, various metal paint cans broken into groups like particles thus reducing transport costs and improve the speed of scrap cast iron stove.

Users can adopt a variety of configurations in the light of the kind ofprocessing of raw materials, finished productsof different sizes andmaterialsrequired forthe use.

The Advantages of the crusher can:

1. Geared motor drive.

2. Engaging blade, the cans completely broken.

3. Automation button controls, safe and convenient.

4. Security identity and security labels to ensure safe use.

5. equipped with conveyor belt feeding.