iron crusher

iron crusher

Product description:

Brief introduction of the iron crusher:

Iron crusher is also named steel scrap crusher or shredder. The iron crusher, beverage cans scrap crusher, crusher cans and metal pellet crusher are a new type ofefficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, the new millproduced by Zhengzhou Xinfei Manufacturing Manufacturing Co. according to the urgent needs of the market, combined with the specific organizational strength and the actual application of domestic and foreign customers. The iron crusher, flexible and convenient , has tight structure and large output notable features.

The scopes of the iron crusher:

The iron crusher is mainly usedin the large waste recycling. It can crushscrap iron, broken metal, paint bucket, Wong Lo Kat, beer bottles and cans into idealgranules, reducing transport costs. Users can use a variety of configurations, depending on the type, size and processing raw materials and finished goods requirements. The iron crusher of ZhengzhouXinfei professional manufacturerhas been successfully used in Australia, South Africa, Russia and other scrap metal recycling companies andwe achieve the praise of customers

The structural features of the iron crusher:

The machine is mainly made of thewormgearmotors, chassis, racks, helical cuttercombination, driveshaft, the drivenshaft, gear, pinionand other parts. Since the majority ofrequired broken metal shavings are brittle, therefore chip breaker machine, pinion, iron sieve and other parts must be made of hard wear-resistant material sets magic. Flywheel mounted on the spindle so that the spindle has a large torque when broken off iron. In addition, the spindle is best to use a fluid coupling drive to eliminate excessivemotor peak current and absorb the vibration of the spindle. When the machine is used to broke off pieces of high wear-resistant materials turnings like bearing iron, the rotor must also be coated welded to enhance its wear resistance.