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scrap steel crusher

scrap steel crusher
  • scrap steel crusher
  • scrap steel crusher
  • scrap steel crusher
  • scrap steel crusher
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Brief introduction of the scrap steel crusher:

The scrap steel crusher can scrap metal, slag, iron slag, metal and other materials under the angle of the broken metal recycling large crushing machine. Advantages Henan Xinfei collects various types of advantages that generates mill machinery manufacturing company principles, and supplies the latest smash suitable for large-scale iron and steel scrap or steel mill equipment. production, technology and production department developing together. The new scrap metal crusher is widely used in the scrap of iron, steel, car racks, motorcycle racks, bike racks, and a large class of scrap steel items.

The Internal structure of the scrap steel crusher:

Scrap steel crusher machine, base narrow width, good stability. The internal structure of the machine is connected to a shaft, 4-7 fixed cutter, knife set as S-type, you can turn to be used twice, fixed knife in metal crusher can eliminate the personal safety of the exhaust gas explosion caused by forced feeding time machine and forced to play the broken functions, such as re-experiencing explosive recovery tank. Intermediate cutter was forging hammer, this hammer forged steel raw materials used train wheels, with good density, economic and durable, hammer cylindrical arc in the crushing process, the fast-running metal material with the hammer so broken metal material with a rotary hammer, after a short period of time rubbing beat group, formed particles from the bottom of the screen gravity out of the crusher, while the material flowing through the part of the paint or dust is sucked out of the broken body of dopant Foreign Economic bag filter to achieve the effect of dust.

The structure of the scrap steel crusher:

Top form

Scrap steel crusher machine mainly consists of the worm gear motors, chassis, rack, helical cutter, drive shaft, the driven shaft, gear, pinion and other parts. Geared Motor with Direct Connect worm gear motor, mounted directly on the drive shaft crusher, transmitted by the size of the gear shift driven shaft, the main driven shaft helical cutter formation relative motion. Main driven shaft helical cutter staggered, so that the material squeezed, torn, cut, thereby making all kinds of metal materials are broken after entering. Since most of the scrap steel crushersneed brittle crushing metal, therefore crusher chip, pinions, iron mesh and other parts are made of wear-resistant alloy of hard materials. A flywheel mounted on the spindle, so that the spindle has a large torque at the broken iron. In addition, the spindle using a fluid coupling drives to eliminate the high peak current of the motor shaft and absorb vibrations.

The working principle of the scrap steel crusher:

Scrap iron and steel raw materials shipped to feedincline through the scalesconveyor, feed incline mounted on two rotatable grinding rollers, high and low, to flatten wins and into the crushing chamber. In the crushing cavity composed of ten fixed on the spindle between the disc and ten security branch of the disc is free to swing the hammer, generated by high-speed rotation speed of scrap metals smashing, torn, broken handle make scrap metal processed into lumps or granules, through the lower part of the grid and the top of the drop in the vibrating conveyor. Firstly it failed to deal with a small enough scrap metal, and will again handle the rotating disc and hammer until it can pass through the grid so far.

The Advantages of the scrap steel crusher:

1. The structure of the scrap steel crusher, stable and compact, easy operation and maintenance; the material is on the conveyor, which improves efficiency and automate operations;

2. a gate with a magnetic device, separate completely iron and other impurities, so that the best use, crushed materials, clean and bright, you can directly meet the feed into the furnace requirement;

3. hammer and liner material using high-manganese steel casting, prolong machine life, scrap steel crusher to reduce the cost of transport, labor and other aspects;

4. structural stability compact, easy maintenance, paint effect more than 95%, high yield, high profit margins, the material on the conveyor feeding achieve automation, a gate with a magnetic device to achieve the separation of iron and other impurities, material crushed , big or small, small footprint, the scrap material meets directly the fine material into the furnace requirements

5. applicable to steel subsidiary companies, professional scrap processing and distribution companies, all recycling companies.