new double mouth grinder

new double mouth grinder

Product description:


The new double mouth grinder is a crushing grinding equipment designed by Zhengzhou Xinfei company. It is a device that Xinfei company combines the latest technology in the country. On the basis of the absorption of a variety advantages of crushers, the XF new double mouthgrinder designed by full use of the theory of assaulting, counterattacking, grinding. The whole XF new double mouth grinder just uses one motor. It owns some advantages such as simple structure, compact layout, low price , stable-working, low energy consumption, high production, the finished sawdust has good quality, low-processing cost. The ability of this machine is strong. It not only cuts rough and a large diameter logs, but also makes the log into sawdust. It owns some advantages like small particle size of sawdust after crushing, wood wool fibers is obvious and the material out from port is equal.

The scope of the new double mouth grinder:

The new double mouth grinder is a special device for producing wood wool fibers, wood flour, sawdust. It is widely used inprepared section of papermaking, mushroom, charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, HDF, MDF. Xin Fei new double mouth grinder can makes all kinds of wood, wood scraps, twigs branches fork, chips, board edge material, bark, bamboo, bamboo skin and other materials into sawdust, wood-like product at the first time. It owns some advantages such as low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic returns, the using and repairing are very convenient. As for crushing of the rough pine, hardwood, Yang wood, fir, Yuan Zhu, the new double mouth grinder is easy to crush. It is widely used in processing of sawdust that comes from mushroom medium. This machine is mainly used not only in fibrous stalk-like materials such as bamboo, grass, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, but also in high-density raw material production of particleboard, sawdustboard. The new double mouth grinder is also can be used as raw material production for particleboard, MDF sawdust board.


1. The whole new double mouth grinder from Xinfei just uses one motor.

2. It not only cuts rough and a large diameter logs, but also makes the log into sawdust.

3. The new double mouth grinder reduces the power, saving energy, green, no pollution, no dust.

4. Simple structure, compact layout, low energy consumption, equal material.

5. Normal running and later just need to replace the cutter wearing parts etc.

6. Benefit with less investment and high production efficiency.