HID standard USB interface HF RFID Reader Module JMY608

HID standard USB interface HF RFID Reader Module JMY608

Product description:

JMY608, based on NXP SL RC400, is the reader module. The module supports series IC cards according to ISO15693, and imitates the USB keyboard to read and output the card data. JMY608 is reader module with USB interface (HID standard) . In the systems of Windows, Linux and other PC systems support USB keyboard, the reader imitates the USB keyboard to operate the card data. With our software and DIP switch, the users can set the reader if to read the number of the card or the data of the card or both. And the data can be positive sequence output or be reverse order output. Meanwhile the users can choose freely the key output such as enter, tab and so on after the output of the number and the data of the card. The default of the JMY608 is configuration mode in factory setting. If you want to let the reader work, you need cofigurate it through the software and input the configuration information to the reader.



Working frequency: 13.56MHz

RF standard: ISO15693

Operating distance: 100mm

SAM card slot: no

Interface: USB (HID standard)

Power supply: DC5V

Power consumption: 110mA

Dimension: 85mm*58mm

Weight: about 100g

Operating temperature: -25 ~ +85 ℃ (-77 ~ +185°F)

Storage temperature: -40 ~ +125 ℃ (-104 ~ +257°F)