IIC, UART, RS232C or USB interface HF 13.56MHz RFID writer and reader Module JMY6801

IIC, UART, RS232C or USB interface HF 13.56MHz RFID writer and reader Module JMY6801

Product description:

JMY6801 is a RFID read/ write module with UART, IIC, RS232C or USB port. JMY6801 has various functions and supports multi ISO/ IEC standard of contactless card. The RF protocol is complex. The designer combined some frequent used command of RF card and then user could operate the cards with full function by sending simple command to the module. The modules build in SAM slot. It could operate contact smart card according to ISO7816.
The module has a length of 506 bytes command buffer could send APDU over 256 bytes to T=CL smart cards and SAM cards. The modules support FSDI=8 of ISO14443-4. The module and antenna is integrated. The impedance between RF circuit and antenna was tuned by impedance analyzer, and then the module has excellent performance and stability. There is ferrite plate between main PCB and antenna, so such design applies to some metallic-around systems.


PCD model: NXP RC500, RC531, RC400, RC632

Working frequency: 13.56MHz

Supported standard: ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693, ISO7816

Anti collision ability: Full function anti collision; be able to process multi-cards; be able to set operate single card only

Auto detecting card: Supported, default OFF. The default state can be set.

SAM slot: 2 slot

SAM baud rate: 9600bps/ 38400bps/ 19200bps (default) /115200bps/ 57600bps.

ISO7816 PPS : Supported

EEPROM: 512 Bytes

Power supply: DC 5V (±0.5V)

Interface: IIC/ UART/ RS232C/ USB HID (select when place order)

Communication rate: IIC: 400Kbps; UART/ RS232C/ USB: 19.2Kbps/ 115.2Kbps; USB: USB 2.0 HID

Max. command length: JCP04 254 Bytes; JCP05 511 Bytes.

Interface level: UART/ IIC: 3.3V (TTL level; 5V tolerance)

Power consumption: 150mA

Operating distance: 80mm (depending on card and antenna design)

Dimension: 70mm*50mm*16.5mm

Weight: About 120g

ISP: Supported

Operating temperature: -25 to +85°C

Storage temperature: -40 to +125°C

RoHS: Compliant