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Surface Mount Package HF RFID Module JMY622

Surface Mount Package HF RFID Module JMY622
  • Surface Mount Package HF RFID Module JMY622
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JMY622 series are 13.56MHz RFID reader/ writer module with UART and IIC serial ports. The module would meet EMV2000, EMV2010 and PBOC 2.0 standards. And the module and antenna is linked by 50ohm coaxial line. The impedance between RF module and antenna was tuned by impedance analyzer; so the module has excellent read/ write performance and stability. Though the wire can reach 10m, but the performance is good. Normally the wire should be 60cm that is the module's best performance and stability. JMY622 adopts surface mount installation form. Small size is a major feature of JMY622. JMY622 has many kinds of funtions and it can support various contactless IC card under international standards. Meanwhile it can support the cards from different suppliers. Designer classified&integrated the operation commands for contactless IC cards. In this situation, the uesr can operate it easily via sending simple commands. The most important features for JMY622 is that it can support contactless IC cards (T=CL) fully. It can send and receive more than 256 Bytes APDU commands and also support FSDI=8.



Working frequency: 13.56MHz

RF standard: ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693

Operating distance: 100mm (depending on card and antenna design)

• Antenna connection: by 50ohm coaxial line. (recommend 60cm, Max. 10 meters) , due to order

Anti collision ability: Full function anti collision; be able to process multi-cards simultaneously; be able to set operate single card only

Auto detecting card: Supported, default OFF; Can be set.

Interface: IIC, UART (selected by SPS pin, recommend to use IIC)

Communication rate: IIC-400Kbps; UART-19.2Kbps/ 115.2Kbps

Max.command length: 511 Bytes

Interface level: 3.3V (TTL level; 5V tolerance)

Power supply: DC 3.3V + 5V (±0.5V)

Power consumption: 100mA

Dimension: 22mm*35mm

Package: Surface Mount

Weight: about 10g

Operating temperature: -25 ~ +85 ℃ (-77 ~ +185°F)

Storage temperature: -40 ~ +125 ℃ (-104 ~ +257°F)

ISP: Supported

RoHS: Compliant