7 inch Digital TFT LCD ET-718

7 inch Digital TFT LCD ET-718

Product description:

Type: Digital TFT LCD

Display Size : 7inch

Display Format: 16: 9

Power: ≤5W

Power Supply: DC9~15V

Video: 4AV input auto switch when reversing

System: PAL/ NTSC auto switch

Contrast: 350: 1

Pixel: 800*480


7inch digital TFT LCD monitor ( pixel 800* 480)

Can choose two ways/ three ways/ four ways video input

In four ways input situation can set the time auto switch to four video signals input display ( timing: close 10S, 15S, 20S, 30S, 60S, 90S, 120S, 180S)

One ways AV input , Built-in amplifier, speakers.

Up, down, right, left image function

Touch key and remote control to adjust the parameter

Touch button Operation

Power button: open/ sleeping mode

No Menu: Volume-adjust

Menu: parameter-adjust

Menu: short press to page turn

No Menu: Volume-adjust

Short press: video input to switch

Long press: Up, down, right, left image switch