Korean cowhide bracelet | bracelet

Korean cowhide bracelet | bracelet

Product description:

Material: leather, alloy, owls, wooden beads, rope components.

Size : manual or batch differences, willing to have a small amount of error, bracelet size can be adjusted to match both men and women, can be used for couple paragraph .

The minimum size can be reduced to about 17CM

Quality leather handmade leather non- inferior and shoddy products on each accessory is handmade leather

Quality is very good!

I'll detail under 1, the bracelet is handmade, hand-cut leather cord also, certainly not as uniform cutting machine, but each piece baby are elaborate, if pro mind, please carefully shot .
2, the main material imported leather cord bracelet, so try to avoid direct contact with water. ( Bracelet frequent contact with water or soaked in water can cause Bracelet
Period of use.)