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High temperature paint

High temperature paint
  • High temperature paint
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Unit price: 60-90 CNY
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Minimum order: 10
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Resistant to high temperature paint

This series of high-temperature paint is solvent-based paint, has excellent weather and temperature resistance, good adhesion to the substrate strength and abrasion resistance, for a variety of requirements nonstick frying plates, and other kitchen utensils baking sheet resistance coated high temperature and abrasion-resistant coating.

Resin Type: mainly polyester modified silicone resin.

Toxicity: heavy metal content and comply with ASTM F963-96a EN71: Part3: 1994 standards.

Operating temperature: 250 ℃ (long-term)

Paint Specifications:

Instrument / Test Method

1. attachment force
10 * 10 hundred grid test, 3M tape
100% does not fall off (after the film hard work and testing before cooling)

2. Resistance to acid
5% acetic acid, soak 24H

3. Alkali
5% sodium bicarbonate solution, soak 24H

4. Hardness
Hardness tester, Mitsubishi Pencil
H above

5. abrasion
500g force E-350 eraser rub back and forth
2000 times do not show the bottom

6. resistance to salt fog
5% sodium chloride solution was continuously sprayed 120 hours

7. solvent resistance
With cotton dipped more than 99 percent of the ethanol rubbing back and forth 50 times
Do not fade

8. resistant to high temperature
250 ℃ continuous bake 24 hours after doing hundred grid test
100% No loss

Construction Description:

1. Surface treatment: steel roughened (80 # sand), phosphate, aluminum and aluminum alloy roughened (80 # sand) oxide

2. Spray Thinner: S-901

3. Spraying viscosity: 10 seconds or more

The optimum thickness: 25 ± 5μm

5. Drying conditions: 80 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ / 10 ~ 15 minutes after 270 ℃ ~ 290 ℃ / 20-15 min

Stir before 6. Using a uniform 30 to 40 rev / min, roll half an hour.

7. Before using 160-180 mesh weave dimensional mesh filter.

Storage conditions: 1. 25 ℃ (sealed) the following storage.

2. Scroll once every two weeks, 30-40 rev / min.

Shelf life: If undiluted retention period of 6 months / 25 ℃ (sealed), after dilution use within a day (if more than storage period, according to project specifications prescribed in this test, if they meet the technical requirements, can still be used).