Plating Lak oil

Plating Lak oil

Product description:

Plating Lak oil

This series is a thermosetting acrylic resin as the main film-forming material, which must be approved by the drying process temperature of about 150 ± 10 ℃ baking to guide its cured film. Such film has high hardness, good gloss, good flexibility and high impact catch performance, firmly attached, and can play a protective and anti-rust coating suitable for metal products also apply the required metal pad or screen printing, painting toys Scope: for a variety of metal, alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron products and metal toys.

Resin type: Mainly a thermosetting acrylic resin.

Toxicity: heavy metal content and comply with ASTM F963-96a EN71: Part3: 1994 standard

Paint Specifications:

Instrument / Test Method

1. Color
Instruments and the human eye to measure (depending on color and customer requirements can be adjusted as appropriate)

2. Viscosity
Stormer viscometer
65 ~ 85KU / 25 ℃ (depending on customer specific construction conditions are adjusted as appropriate)

3. Adhesion
3M or not time-consuming tape
100% does not fall off (the film hard work after the test)

The pencil hardness
Mitsubishi Pencil (tip polished oblique angle of about 45 ° with nib constantly push forward force

5. Impact catch
High impact film catch Tester
Reverse punch 50kg. Cm

6. Flexibility
Positive oppose fold
Film without cracking

Construction Description:

1. Surface treatment: shall remove oil, rust, clean, dry dust, phosphate better.

2. Thinner: Thinner with S-902 construction Zhuojia 5% of S-1201 in the diluent in a damp environment.

3. Dilution ratio (volume ratio): Oil: thinner = 1: 1 (customer visualization actual needs in 1: 0.8 to 1: 1.2 make the appropriate adjustments)

4. Spraying viscosity (Iwata NK-2 cup): 11 to 15 seconds

5. Spray the best set 5 minutes at room temperature, so that the surface portion of solvent evaporation, before baking, to prevent foaming.

6. Drying condition: 150 ± 10 ℃ bake 30 minutes (not self-dried).

Storage: Store in a cool, dry warehouse.

Shelf life: No diluent is 6 months / 25 ℃ (sealed), after dilution use within a day (if more than storage period, according to the project test prescribed in this specification, if they meet the technical requirements, can still be used).