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Soft insulating paint

Soft insulating paint
  • Soft insulating paint
  • Soft insulating paint
Product code: 25644100001
Unit price: 40-60 CNY
Reference price: 5.82-8.72 USD
Minimum order: 10
Other info: Black Green Yellow Grey Transparent
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l electrical insulating paint

First, the scope :

* Kool toroid

* Iron core magnetic

* Molypermalloy ring

* Electronic components

* Motor coil wire

* Rotor insulation

Kool magnetic coating renderings

Second, the product advantages:

1, can be recycled, effective utilization can be increased by more than 30 %.

After adding the accelerator, extended shelf life at room temperature paint, can be stored 15 days is not bad, and cost savings.

2, the film smooth and shiny. Excellent abrasion resistance and arc resistance .

3, the inner dry and good adhesion, excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties .

4, good dielectric properties, the film breakdown strength 40KV / mm or more.

5, the solvent ( methylene chloride ) to soak up to 24 hours can not afford film layer .

three, Coating process :

can Selection electrostatic spraying, fluidized bed dipping, manual and automatic equipment can be used.

four, Curing conditions : Preheat 120 ℃ / 30min cured : 120 ℃ / 30min