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Supply golf ball transparent color

Supply golf ball transparent color
  • Supply golf ball transparent color
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Diameter:. 42.67MM (international standard golf size: not less than between 42.6-42.8) standard, weight:. 45g (the weight of a standard exercise ball between 45g-45.93g), the factory of 45-45.4 g is in line with the requirements of the weight of a standard golf stretch: approximately 80% (in fact elastic factory can be customized according to the guests to the ball, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% can be) elastic stability Special good.

Rubber ball inside the core, mainly kneading made of rubber, rubber chemicals, curing agents dozen chemical raw materials, temperatures up to 220 degrees, the Japanese high-pressure machine injection into the sphere materials were combined to form a density of 1.19g / cm3, the intermediate layer printed pattern formed by senior glossy paper, the outer layer of DuPont materials is an ionic resin, transparent body, mixed with a variety of compounds, according to customer requirements elastic size and hardness, and other related roundabout direction It called for package thickness, generally standard thickness between 0.75-1.80mm; bouncing stable from ideal.

Our sphere surface Honeycomb mainly 442,432,366,392, model-based design of these wasps is to reduce air resistance hole and improve lift, allowing golf to fly farther and more easily controlled, the ball's flight path that is the ball itself will be subject to gravity The weight and influence of air resistance and, therefore, how to reduce the air resistance will be the key to develop bee-hole surface, in which the air for any movement of objects will produce biased aerodynamicists air for moving objects applied force is divided into two parts: the lift and drag forces, the drag force action direction opposite to the direction of movement, while the role of the upward lift force perpendicular to the direction of movement of the golf ball after hitting out that there will be a high pressure region in front of the air flow. and then flows to the rear when the ball will be separated by the leading edge with the ball, but the ball will have a turbulent wake behind the area, in this region and downs airflow disturbance, resulting in a lower rear pressure range will affect the wake drag the size of the force, the bee hole allows air to form a thin layer close to the ball table turbulent boundary layer, so that a smooth airflow along spheroidal move back some, but reduce the scope of the wake, and therefore qualified Bee Cave Golf drag force suffered only about half a smooth sphere, the company's ball table designed to meet the international qualified mechanics wind production. This is one of the few domestic private enterprises qualified golf.

The company mainly produces: double practice balls, double floating ball double game ball, three ball game, four game ball, crystal ball, metal ball, double gift ball, colored balls, dolls balls, sports balls, titanium ball, flashing the ball, Choi dribbling, smoke balls, special pattern ball, box ball suits, senior gift sets and other superior quality, performance, standards, affordable, on behalf of India LOGO; additional outward factory supply all kinds of ball core: Floating ball core, core exercise ball, ball game dedicated core, etc., can be kind to build or according to customer requirements special ball core and special ball types

The introduction of foreign imports of raw materials, equipment, development and advanced technology systems, has a group of skilled, experienced professional and technical personnel, innovation, and gradually move towards the forefront of the golf industry now has formed a certain scale, comprehensive technology, supply a large amount of more complete variety of domestic golf manufacturers, welcome new and old friends to the factory to visit. inquire and under-production. All golf products company in the full matching supply and distribution, the company can provide semi-finished products outside plant foundry finished other full-service.

Welcome to call, under a single production, according to the guests request to order, request a printed LOGO, online target price for reference only, performance requirements and the number of balls will affect the price of the ball, the actual requirements and negotiate price quasi.

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