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Supply boxed golf practice balls

Supply boxed golf practice balls
  • Supply boxed golf practice balls
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Packed golf practice balls are provided Jinhao company is specialized in golf goods stores or golf shop sales with a box of golf. Pack of 12, high-atmosphere packaging, can be very good to attract customers attention! The company's ball always implement consistent fine quality, providing high quality affordable golf to all customers!

Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of golf series products, the company. The company has its own professional production plant assembly line golf and golf industry has the most advanced Japanese-ball technology, the production of professional golf, ball core all-new material vulcanized rubber molding, absolutely do not add waste materials or twice refurbished old ball core, so that each golf ball hitting times can reach 800, the resistance to fight against resistance, greatly reducing the majority of the golf driving range , club and ball frequency transducer individual users, to bring greater profit guarantee for the business organizations!
Sports Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jinhao three-story golf tournament ball diameter 42.67MM (international standard golf size: not less than between 42.6-42.8). Meet the standard, weighs 45g (three two-story contest standard weight of the ball between 45g-45.93g) in line with the requirements of the weight of a standard golf ball. Stretch at around 80%. (In fact, according to Stretch Our guests can be customized to the ball, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85% , 90% can be) elastic excellent stability. In addition the company's golf Honeycomb surface models based mainly 442,432,366,392, based on the design of these bee hole to reduce air resistance and increase the lift, so golf fly farther and more easy to control.
The company based in golf manufacturing industry more than a decade, always carry out quality first, the customer first rules of survival, a variety of golf are exported abroad! Jin Hao companies welcome customers to come visit and buy all golf supplies golf ! Thank you for your support!

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