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Golf can be customized at any crystal ball transparent fancy pattern design

Golf can be customized at any crystal ball transparent fancy pattern design
  • Golf can be customized at any crystal ball transparent fancy pattern design
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Minimum order: 3000
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Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a research and development production and marketing of one of the Industrial and Trade Company, the company's production plants as well as golf golf bag factory. Factory located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou within a foot of the scenic Baiyun Yiheshanzhuang. The company produces golf, golf practice ball double, two-story three-tournament golf ball, according to a unified industry standard diameter 42.67MM. (International standard golf size: not less than 42.6-42.8 Between) standard, weight 45g (Layer three match balls weight standards 45g-45.93g Between a) comply with the requirements of the weight of a standard golf ball. Stretch in 80% So. (In fact, the factory can be customized according to the guests stretch the ball. 70% , 75% , 80% , 85% , 90% Can be) elastic excellent stability. In addition the company's golf surface Honeycomb mainly 442 , 432 , 366 , 392 Model-based design of these wasps is to reduce air resistance hole and improve lift, allowing golf to fly farther and more easily controlled. The company has advanced technology Nippon ball, eligible ISO Certified Unified vulcanization molding production lines and also adopted a new raw material to manufacture rubber ball core. Jinhao Division has been stick to their principles, good business model, eliminating the use of rubber balls Feifen Gore core production to ensure that the production of every Golf for businesses to be able to bring the best use of time, for the majority of users with the most perfect golf shot feeling! Sincerity, quality is the company based on the fundamental future, Jin Hao companies all my colleagues also will be skilled technical, professional product knowledge, good service diligently not relent for the majority of customer service! welcome all businesses, old and new customers continue to support this company! Jinhao Division will continue to strive to provide our customers with more quality golf product!

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