Advertising practice golf ball manufacturers custom advertising logo golf

Advertising practice golf ball manufacturers custom advertising logo golf

Product description:

Golf ball is title sponsored by advertising the brand and to the use of the golf driving range golf! Are printed with the title brand or business on each golf ball logo Or advertising slogan . In every player's swing practice you can look to advertising on golf logo So as to achieve the effect of advertising.

Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. based in the golf world ten years, experiencing domestic golf development, growth, flourishing! The company owns the golf industry's most advanced plant of Nippon golf ball technology and advanced production line, from ball core vulcanization injection molding to housing, to the printing and coating the rear section, are operated by a golf professional mechanics. Jinhao Division based golf industry more than a decade, along with the rise of the domestic golf, development and growth. Jinhao has stick to their principles, good business model. The Company produced golf ball core all-new rubber material manufacturing, no waste rubber powder added to ensure that the production of every golf for businesses to be able to bring the best use of time, for the majority of users with the most perfect golf shot feel current products are:!. double practice balls, two-story game ball, three ball game, four game ball, floating ball , gift ball, multi-patterned gift ball, plating ball, transparent ball, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements Special LOGO Golf and advertising golf!

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