Supply with advertising golf practice balls game ball

Supply with advertising golf practice balls game ball

Product description:

Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of golf and golf bags, golf bags and trade enterprises! Has its own wholly-owned production plants and advanced production lines. The company based in the golf world ten years, experiencing China golf development, growth, booming!

The company provides enterprise logo, brand design, company logo, slogan conference activities, product image and other high-end products, golf carrier advertising all enterprises and institutions, business organizations, multinational corporations, state-owned public type, leisure clubs, Resort and other units production and production. The company can provide customers with the advertising slogan of golf, golf bag golf bag with advertising slogan, logo golf clubs with advertising banners and a series of golf advertising products. Welcome to advertising planning, advertising media companies, need advertising companies, enterprises, business units and individuals, conference centers come to learn more about golf advertising information!

Business Contact: Miss Contact: 15360003385. Enterprise QQ: 2850705634