JH golf ball supply multifunction package, four golf car, the new patent factory outlets

JH golf ball supply multifunction package, four golf car, the new patent factory outlets

Product description:

Name: Golf ball versatile package, golf balls Four chartered tugboat bag golf stand bag golf cart bag

material: pu , Nylon, Oxford cloth, tarpaulins, leather, leather and other (according to customer requirements)

specification: 9.5 Inch (according to customer requirements)

Load capacity: 13 Pole

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Bag type: Multifunctional Trolley bag holder

Product description: Four golf balls multifunction package is a set of golf ordinary bag, golf bag holder, bag and ball golf ball tugboat chartered in one of the new ball bag multifunction bag with retractable body patents. removable, easy to carry golfers when walking the handle can be lifted when the ball chartered use, into the car, or air shipment not take a place after a fixed place of the telescopic plus distraction, can become the holder bag, secure and reliable folding convenient but also directly to the golf bag on the golf course, save the trouble of using a ball game when practicing chartered. So whether it is the players or caddies can easily use. Four more better golf ball bag features is freedom of movement, it is very convenient, trendy fashion, whether it is dragged or placed very firmly erect. This versatile bag Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. has developed the production. Own factory production design, quality assurance cut Get more expensive than foreign brands! Welcome customers to visit order

Production Company: Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co.

Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Tai Road Yiheshanzhuang club on the third floor

Factory Address: Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Baihao Management District Deep Creek 36 number

Profile: Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a research and development production and marketing of one of the Industrial and Trade Company, the company's production plants as well as golf golf bag factory factory located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, the company is headquartered. in the Guangzhou Baiyun scenic foothills Yiheshanzhuang.

Jinhao Division golf bag plant with preparation, production, packaging, quality inspection and other departments, factory equipment, a complete out of line, a plate, a material sewing, red nails, after finishing, packaging, quality inspection and other processes, and a professional design and development staff, first-class production management personnel, as well as a group of skilled workers. to the golf bag and series of product design, development, production and provide faster and better services based on customer needs. Sincerity others, quality win is the company based on the fundamental future, Jin Hao companies all my colleagues will be in skilled technical, professional product knowledge, good service diligently not relent for the majority of customer service! welcome all businesses, new and old customers continue Support this company! Jinhao Division will continue to strive to provide our customers with more quality golf products!

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