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Supply golf luminous ball | LED luminous Golf | Golf glowing when hit

Supply golf luminous ball | LED luminous Golf | Golf glowing when hit
  • Supply golf luminous ball | LED luminous Golf | Golf glowing when hit
  • Supply golf luminous ball | LED luminous Golf | Golf glowing when hit
  • Supply golf luminous ball | LED luminous Golf | Golf glowing when hit
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Product Name: Golf luminous ball / Luminous golf /led Luminous golf

Material: synthetic rubber inner layer, the outer layer of DuPont sarin

Light source: led Wafer

Lighting method: hitting luminous / Carom luminous

Bee Cave: 392

weight: 45g

diameter: 42.67mm

product manual: led Golf is a luminous golf ball core through the led Light emitted from the light source golf , When the ball only by the impact of the ball to the light-emitting . Especially for golfers at night or in low light when practice using . Lets players clearly see the golf ball flight trajectory and impact point , Let players better swing and provincial corrections ball time and the ball went to number .

Manufacturer: Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

company background: Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a research and development production and marketing of one of the Industrial and Trade Company, the company's manufacturing plant has golf, golf bags and golf club manufacturing plant factory. Factory located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Houjie town. The company is headquartered in beautiful scenery Guangzhou Baiyun foothills Yiheshanzhuang.

The company owns the golf industry's most advanced plant of Nippon golf ball technology and advanced production lines, forming the core from the ball to the housing vulcanization injection molding, printing and coating to the rear section, are made golf professional technicians to operate. Jinhao Division Based golf industry more than a decade, along with the rise of the domestic golf, development and growth. Jinhao has always stick to their principles, good business model. The Company produced golf ball core all-new rubber raw material manufacturing, no waste rubber powder added to ensure that the production of every golf for businesses to be able to bring the best use of time, for the majority of users with the most perfect golf shot feeling!. The current production of products There are: a double practice balls, two-story game ball, three ball game, four game ball, floating ball, gift ball, multi-patterned gift ball, plating ball, transparent ball, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements for special LOGO Golf and advertising golf!

Jinhao Division golf bag plant with preparation, production, packaging, quality inspection and other departments, factory equipment, a complete out of line, a plate, a material sewing, red nails, after finishing, packaging, quality inspection and other processes, and a professional design and development staff, first-class production management personnel, as well as a group of skilled workers. to the golf bag and series of product design, development, production and provide faster and better services based on customer needs. Sincerity others, quality win is the company based on the fundamental future, Jin Hao companies all my colleagues will be in skilled technical, professional product knowledge, good service diligently not relent for the majority of customer service! welcome all businesses, new and old customers continue Support this company! Jinhao Division will continue to strive to provide our customers with more quality golf products!

Company Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Tai Road Yiheshanzhuang club on the third floor

Contact: Miss 18102248519020-36239116.

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