Supply Miss Gao Erfu ball bag | Miss Gao Erfu tugboat bag | Ms. pulley bag

Supply Miss Gao Erfu ball bag | Miss Gao Erfu tugboat bag | Ms. pulley bag

Product description:

Name: Miss Gao Erfu ball bag, Miss Gao Erfu tugboat bag, the bag holder Miss Gao Erfu

Material: Leather / leather / Pvc / Oxford cloth / nylon cloth / Oxford cloth canvas (available upon request material production).

size: 8 inch ~8.5 inch

Load capacity: 13 Pole

Product Description: Miss Gao Erfu ball bag and the bag containing the Miss Gao Erfu tugboat, Miss Gao Erfu stand bag is a specialized supply female or female golfers use golf bag lady bag color more vivid colors than men's golf bag, the pattern is more.! rich. outstanding Ms. soft features. Specifications generally have 8 Inches and 8.5 inch.

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