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Golf printable body advertising brand logo

Golf printable body advertising brand logo
  • Golf printable body advertising brand logo
Product code: 25622600001
Unit price: 0.17-0.22 USD
Price unit:
Minimum order: 10000
Other info: Black White Red Pink Blue Green Orange Yellow Brown Purple Grey Gold Silver Transparent
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Guangzhou Jin Hao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of golf bag and golf bag industry and trade enterprises! Has its own wholly-owned manufacturing plant. The company based in the golf world ten years, experiencing domestic golf development, growth vigorous reform and opening up 30 years, with the continuous improvement of the domestic economy continues to soar and people's living standards, this symbolizes - 'Green - oxygen - Sunshine';! in the eyes of ordinary people play in this game of high-level sports VIPs only gradually quality of life have become more successful people pursuing higher favor! And is precisely the unique golf sports culture and sports venues restrictions (golf driving range or golf course will be located in the relatively open basic outskirts), the golf target group sports locked in high-income earners in! And this group is also a lot of high-end brands for our advertising target customers! Therefore golf body advertising is increasingly becoming more and more enterprises to promote their corporate culture , brand positioning, product promotion publicity channels.

The multinational company dedicated to community service, state-owned enterprises private, enterprises, domestic brands to provide a golf body size advertising production production business. Welcome to the advertising companies, business units come to OEM golf body advertising business!

Business Contact: Miss Contact: 15360003385. Enterprise QQ: 2850705634