Mysterious girl | solid coarse lines knitting scarves scarf | Long thick winter Korean wild female dual

Mysterious girl | solid coarse lines knitting scarves scarf | Long thick winter Korean wild female dual

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2016
  • Width: 30cm
  • Length: 200cm
  • Material: Wool
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Season: Winter
  • Gender: Universal
  • Color Category: Scarves mixing - mixing mustard yellow scarves - Blue network Wife - Pink blending Scarf - green Scarf mixing - mixing black scarves - orange wool clouds - dark gray blue and yellow mosaic network Wife - Yellow network Wife - large twill beige - pink think you mesh mohair wool Maotai Hai - ivory wool sea - black sea hair - dark gray sea wool - wool navy blue sea - the sea beige wool - white network Wife - hollow black twist - beige hollow twist - camel winter style
  • Scarf Brand: MAGICALGIRLS / Mysterious Girl
  • Model: 1335, etc.
  • Style: Scarf / scarves
  • function: to keep warm
  • Applicable objects: Juvenile young middle-aged couple paternity students aged
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: Thicken
  • pattern: plain

Models wearing effect and colors are for reference only, please prevail in kind!

Quite a thick scarf, color blending with more taste

Hit the color blending popular today, the demand for increasingly prosperous by color

The scarf is very suitable for couples to use the same color oh

Size g are quite material, cold winter warmth to share

Warm feel, like a child Her mother had knitted scarf

Gently take between Jin, with a cheerful mood!

Since then often see old and new material, more simple and clear, not sad not happy, not to rise...

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About odor : Scarf yarn production process has a certain degree of humidity, after weaving machines generally have a good at drying process, because of the weather and the shipments, mostly scarves before the package will have a certain flavor and moisture, this does not belong quality problems, also please parents who can understand us is not easy, after receipt of the goods can be dry cleaned or in the ventilation to remove odor problems produced incidentally, Odor problem mind pro cautious buy recommendation Oh! Return postage take care of themselves because of odor problems.

Color: online shopping component can not be done at all no, we can only minimize chromatic aberration, due to light and other reasons when shooting in kind will usually darker. We have tried to adjust, but because each person's display, more or less chromatic aberration, chromatic aberration is online shopping can not be avoided, oh pro color is not a quality problem, please contact returned freight themselves. Stretch wool large size data only as a reference Oh, because Lara tugged out a lot on the president

- Sea Mao Series -

Size introduction: about Long 210cm Width 33cm Weight: about 295g

Sea navy blue wool

Sea beige wool

Sea ivory wool

Sea white hair

Sea dark gray hair

Sea black hair

------ ------ Blending Scarf

Size: About 210 * 33cm Weight: about 360g

Blending Scarf - Mustard Yellow

Blending Scarf - Black

Blending Scarf - blue

Blending Scarf - Green

Blending Scarf - orange

------- ------- Wool clouds

Size: About Long 210cm *Width 33cm Weight: about 295g

------ ------ Scarf yellow and blue stitching

Size: About 210 * 35cm.Weight: about 300g

------ ------ Large Twill Series

Size of about 195 * 30cm weight about 300 grams

Big Twill -Pink

------ ------ Mesh mohair

Size: About 190 * 35cm wide Weight: about 240 grams

- Network Wife Series -

Size: about 200 * 35cm Weight: about 300 grams.

Wife network - Yellow

Network Wife - Pink

Wife network - beige

Network Wife - Black

---- ---- Hollow twist Series

Size: About 210 * 30cm Weight: about 240g

Camel hollow cannabis

Beige hollow cannabis