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Eyelid glue glue | false eyelashes red lid glue | genuine anti-counterfeiting can be investigated

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Product parameters:

  • Net content: 12ml
  • Brand: Yu Tang
  • Name of commodity: White Mary
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • made in China
  • Suitable for all skin types

For skin ': All skin types

'Shelf Life': Three years

'Product Description':
The use of multi-purpose series of plastic products, can make your eye more vivid, beautiful, in a short time to reach the 'double-fold' effect, and without any pain, natural and soft.
Large capacity, 12ml equipment, adhere to frequent use, with one will see the effect of forming Oh!
This product is a special sticky glue a product containing a small brush, painted on the eyelid to become transparent, and after use can not see, very natural!

1) Before cleaning, clean the eyelids first, facing the mirror, squint one eye, and draw a line of 2-3 mm width at your desired location with the pen tip;
2) squint for about 5 to 10 seconds after the kind of glue began to solidify with the attached fork in the next close to the glue next to gently press down after the natural lines can be formed at this time, in order to better fixed already The formation of lines, eyes as wide as possible, to keep 5 to 10 seconds does not blink, you can help glue the achievements of the ideal line.
3) If the lines are unclear or there is a sag, repeat the drawing.
4) When rubbing, absolutely can not hand rub or forced removal, should use water or unloading liquid scrub, you can easily remove the glue.
5) After using the product, be sure to tighten the lid immediately.

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