cylinders\gases like O2, N2, CO2, and Acetylene

cylinders\gases like O2, N2, CO2, and Acetylene

Product description:

HSGECO offers the global gas industry the widest array of large, intermediate and small high pressure cylinders, with service from 124 bar (1800 psi) to 690 bar (10000 psi) .

Range: From 2Lts. to 50Lts. (Water capacity)

Manufacturing of medical & Industrial gas cylinders is through a technology using hot spinning of seamless tubes for closing both ends and subsequently followed by other finishing processes that make them leak proof cylinders of very High Quality. The technology of manufacturing of gas cylinders has been sourced from world leaders in their respective fields.

We are OEM suppliers to many gas manufacturing companies in the world including Air Liquide, BOC just to name a few and we are supplying high quality cylinders to over 40 countries including Africa, Middle East, South America, Dubai, Syria, Jordan, Canada and Spain.

HSGECO is the supplier of high quality seamless tube gas cylinders with service pressure ratings from 150 Bar (2200 PSI) TO 200 Bar [(2900 PSI) Optional].

Salient Features

Range 0.5 lts (0.075 cu.m) TO 50 lts (7.5 cu.m)

No welding as it single seamless tube

Neck formation by CNC hot spinning machine

High Strength & Light Weight due to single tube seamless structure.