Air Separation Plant

Air Separation Plant

Product description:

Cryogenic Air Separation Plants produce different varieties of Gases & Liquids by the process of Cryogenic Air Separation, using air and electrical power as the only raw materials.

Range: From 50m3/ hr To 20000m3/ hr

Output: Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen Gas & Liquid Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen


Air constitutes of nitrogen 78%, oxygen 21% and argon 1%.

Argon is a noble gas. Krypton, neon and xenon are other noble gases and together they constitute less than 01 percent of the atmosphere.

Industrial Gases

Oxygen, nitrogen and argon are recovered from the air by separation. It is a cryogenic method. The air is compressed and freed of vapour, dust and carbon dioxide. Then refrigerated to extremely low temperatures, compressed to a liquid and separated by distillation into oxygen, nitrogen and argon and other noble gases.

Today, other physical methods are also used to separate and purify air components:

Separation: by means of membranes.

Adsorption: various components of air are adsorbed onto a special material while others flow through without obstruction.

Our air separation units are constructed in-house by the HSGECO Division.

Tonnage Air Separation Plants

Air separation plants generally produce oxygen, nitrogen, argon and – in some special cases – other rare gases (krypton, xenon, helium, neon) by cryogenic rectification of air. The products can be produced in gaseous form for pipeline supply or as cryogenic liquid for storage and distribution.

Tonnage air separation plants are plants that are individually designed for the specific demands of our customers. Daily oxygen production capacities are between 30 tons/ day and 640 tons/ day.

Cryogenic liquid plants

Cryogenic liquid plants are gas plants producing liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen in the cryogenic process. Cryogenic process is one of the most popular technique used in many large scale gas plants for producing purified oxygen or purified nitrogen. The output of liquid oxygen produced from the plant can be stored in a liquid oxygen tank. Liquid nitrogen is produced as a by product simultaneously up to 99.999% purity. The cryogenic plants are extremely versatile, safe and easy to operate and all the possible product variants that are produced can be taken as either 100% liquid oxygen output or 50% liquid oxygen output directly into cylinders or 50% liquid nitrogen and 50% liquid oxygen.