Full spectrum 540w LED grow light with super power and high power leds

Full spectrum 540w LED grow light with super power and high power leds

Product description:


CTLiteG3 intelligent LED Grow Lights are latest products with UniqueDesign, High Performance and Competitive Price.The products aremodularized designed, each module is 90w , real power consumption is 114w.

Parametersfor CTLite led grow light:

Parametersfor CTLite led grow light:

Model No.


Claimed power

Real power


AC input

85V - 265V / 50-60Hz

LED Qty.

6*40W matrix LED + 120*3W LEDs

LED channels

Growing / Vegetation / Flowering

Daisy chain

Support 10 units / controller


10 Bands plus UV&IR

Work temperature

-20° to 50°

Lens beam angle

105 degree and 78 degree

Housing color option

Black, Silver, Blue, Pink



Net weight


Life span

50000 hours

The keyfeatures and advantages of the products are as following:

1. Modularized design:

- Easy andproduction, fast delivery

- Easy maintenance and repairing

2. Aluminum housing and silent fan:

- Lightweight, cost saving for delivery

- Anti-rust, anti-corrosion

- Good heat dissipation and long life time

- Smart design, elegant shape

- Patent products

3. Three programmable LED channels:

- Independentchannels for Growing, Vegetation, Flowering

- Mode setting for sunset, sunrise, sunny, cloudy, moonlight, 24 hours recycling

- Customized setting for each channel for each hour, 24 hours recycling

- High spectrum efficiency, and more energy saved with controller

4.40WHigh power center (105 degree beam angle) + 3W LEDs surrounded (78degree beam angle) :

- Highpower penetration

- Even light coverage

5. Daisychain:

- Onecontroller can support 10 lamps

- Synchronous control

- Saving cost for controller

6. High energyefficiency:

- G3 intelligent LED Grow Lights cost between 40% - 70% less to operate comparedto HPS

/MH lamps.


Full spectrum G3 LED Grow Lights is verysuitable for hydroponics, horticulture, green house and bonsai lighting. It helps a lot in plants seeding, breeding, flowering, fruiting, etc.

1) Hydroponics, greenhouse, garden, farm, medical plants and all the indoor plants.

2) Seeding / Growing Stem/ Blooming/ Fruiting/ Breeding Lighting.

3) Farm show/ Garden show/ FlowerExhibition Lighting.


Inner package size: 661*406*106mm

Net weight: 7.24kg

Gross weight: 8.76kg

Outer casing size: 673*418*224mm

Carton Weight: 18.5kg

Pcs/ Carton: 2


For indoor use only

To avoid damage, lighting unit must not getwet

For vision safety, do not look at the lightdirectly when it is operational.

Socket must be wired to the earth.

Operate your light in the well ventilatedenvironment.


1. Warranty:

a. All our products come with Full Factorywarranty:

b. CTLite warrants that our products arefree of defects for a period of two years. We will repair or at our optionreplace any product that is defective. The warranty covers defects inworkmanship and defective components.

C. It does not cover damage caused byabuse, moisture damage or water.

2. Delivery:

a. We aim to dispatch your order within 3working days, five days a week (Monday - Friday) .

b. All orders are via DHL (3-5days) or anequivalent express courier service.