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Baby sling | scarf | Scarf | Baby bibs | 100% cotton super multicolor

Baby sling | scarf | Scarf | Baby bibs | 100% cotton super multicolor
  • Baby sling | scarf | Scarf | Baby bibs | 100% cotton super multicolor
Product code: 25612400001
Unit price: 1.5-1.58 CNY
Reference price: 0.22-0.23 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Brand: Other Age: babies and infants Specifications: 65 * 45 * 45cm
Origin: Zhejiang Color: Super multicolor Pattern: Random

The color is too much, random delivery

(Size) 65 * 45 * 45cm (triangular bandage long) manual measurements, allowing a small amount of error.

Size batches of different colors may vary slightly error (1-2cm).

(Packaging) single installation. Random delivery

(Fabric) 100% printed cotton cloth, single cotton, different colors will feel a little bit different!

Note: fabrics are by hanging pulp processing, active environmental protection printing and dyeing, washed would be more flexible.

(Level) First grade

(Color) hundreds of color patterns, not in this example, and forgive me

Summer wear headscarves, natural, block light, shape, all purpose; winter wear headscarves, but also can be warm, good-looking, all the focus, So now, unwittingly, wearing a headscarf is not only higher Dress up some ingredients, but also a tone through the year.

1, when headband headscarf, the first time I saw it! Beautiful and stylish!

2, the same turban, a different kind of style nurses - nurse cap

3, street fashion culture - pirate hat

4, Movement speed sense - Wrist

5, cute bow - hair (hair tie)

Scarf alternative uses:

• around the neck, foil to keep warm

Scarf most character feature is warm, and in addition is the foil clothes, depending on the clothes of styles and colors, choose a different scarf, highlight baby personality and charm.

• Wrist

Baby favorite sport, and a favorite everywhere, and now spring, fewer children clothes, more convenient movement, large drops of perspiration rolling in the face, itching. The scarf three times two circle around the wrist, scarf then turn on the wrist cushion the effect. Then hand wrapped around the wrist scarf chic rub in his face, sweat running all been sucked, the baby face also music blossomed.


You can also give your baby bibs when used, around her neck, not only beautiful but also play the role of saliva suction, do both.