On Metal Tags with UHF GEN2 chip, Mini size 36x13mm can reach 2meter distance (GYRFID)

On Metal Tags with UHF GEN2 chip, Mini size 36x13mm can reach 2meter distance (GYRFID)

Product description:

MEB is designed for On Metal application, it is made of rugged PCB material. It can be used for indoor environment such as Logistic tracking, identification, asset tracking, pallet tracking. It can be directly adhesives on metal surface with hole or 3M sticker..

Material: PCB
Size options:
MEB112- 112x20x3.0mm, distance 4m
MEB100- 100x30x3mm, distance 6.5m
MEB9525- 95x25x3.7mm, distance 6m
MEB9522- 95x22x3.0mm, distance 6m
MEB9011- 90x11x3.7mm, distance 3m
MEB9008 - 90x8x3.7mm, distance 2.5m
MEB9005- 90x5x3.7mm, distance 2m
MEB7020- 70x20x3.7mm, distance 3m
MEB6604- 66x4x3mm, distance 1.5m
MEB3613- 36x13x3mm, distance 2m
MEB2208- 220x8x3.0mm, distance 1.2m
MEB1809- 18x9x3mm, distance 1m
Color options: Black/ White
Water Proof: yes
Operating Temperature: -40C ~ +85C
Storage Temperature: -40C ~ +110C

RFID IC Support:
Chip: Alien Higgs 3 / Impinj M4QT
Standard: ISO18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen2 Standard
Operating frequency: Europe standard 865-867.5MHz; American standard 902-928Mhz.
Memory: ) =96bits
Operating distance: 1-6.5meter

Personalization Support:
3M adhesive/ laser Number/ with hole/ silk-screen printing logo

Asset tracking / Pallet tracking / Material management / Gun management / module tracking

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