FULL HD COLOR VIDEO CAMERA VHD-V100NS Low Light 18 X optical Zoom Full HD 1080P60\50

FULL HD COLOR VIDEO CAMERA VHD-V100NS Low Light 18 X optical Zoom Full HD 1080P60\50

Product description:


FULL HD COLOR VIDEO CAMERA VHD-V100NS Low Light 18 X optical Zoom Full HD 1080P60/50

Main Features

▶V100NS has18 x optical zoom, especially suitable for small and medium-sized conference room, classroom and etc
▶It also can provide perfect image quality in low illumination environment, especially suitable for lighting general situation.
▶The maximum resolution can reach 1920*1080, max output frame frequency can achieve60/50f/ s, guarantee high definition, at the same time, also can meet the demand of the fluency of the picture.
▶The signal-to-noise of the camera video directly affect the image compression code efficiency of the high definition video conference television terminal. The V100NS apply2D and 3D nosie reduction algorithm based on motion estimation, using a new generation of noise sensors, effectively reduce the noise.
▶Special IRIDIX exposure dynamic control algorithm based on the human eye model with strong sense of hierarchy. V100NS using the industry's most advanced CMOS sensor which can support WDR (wide dynamic range) ,coordinate IRIDIX processing, can clearly capture imaging all the scene under the strong light and dark contrast of the environment, such as the backlight.
▶Infrared remote control signal transmission feature. V100NS can be able to receive except its own dedicated remote control signal, also can receive the remote control signal from the user, send the signal to the video conference terminal throuth the VISCA IN port.

V100NS provide DVI-I (HDMI, YpbPr) interface, HDSDI (optional) .
Product Types

1080p/ 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25, 1080i/ 60/59.94/50, 720p/ 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25

Product Specification

Video format 1080p/ 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25, 1080i/ 60/59.94/50.
720p/ 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
Video output port DVI-I (HDMI, YPbPr) ,HD-SDI (optional)
Sensor type CMOS, 1/3inch
Sensor pixel 2.74million
Lens focal length 18x, f4.7mm-84.6mm, F1.8-F2.8
Focusing mode Manual/ Auto
Electronic shutter 1/25s-1/10000s
White balance Auto, indoor, outdoor, manual, one-clieck
Backlight compensation Support
Signal noise ratio ≥55dB
Horizontal field 55.2°~ 3.2°
vertical viewing angle 42.1°~ 2.4°
Horizontal rotation range +170°
Vertical rotation range -30°~ +90°

Horizontal rotational speed range1.7°~100°/ s
Vertical rotational speed range 1.7°~69.9°/ s
Inversion support
Preset positions 128
Perset position accuracy 0.1°
Control interface type 8core Mini DIN
Protocol type VISCA, Pelco-D, Pelco-P
WDR dynamic range ≥100dB
Power adapter DC12V/ 2.0A
Power dissipation 18W
size 240mm x144mm x 160mm
colour Silver & black
weight 2.5kg
Working temperature -5~50℃
Store temperature -20~60℃