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PVC-M PIPE and Fittigs

PVC-M PIPE and Fittigs
  • PVC-M PIPE and Fittigs
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PVC-M Pipe for water supply

Modified poly vinyl chloride (PVC-M) pipe for water supply shall consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins together with the additives necessary for the manufacture and performance requirements of the Standard.

Construction & Investment Baosu general manager and chief engineer are important makers of CJ/ T272-2008 Modified poly vinyl chloride (PVC-M) pipes and fittings for water supply. Construction & Investment Baosu has advanced Germany Battenfeld PVC pipe extruders , PVC mixing system and forming socket equipment. Baosu™ PVC-M pipe is made by advanced production process and non-lead formula. Baosu™ PVC-M pipe is non-lead, and have been inspected and tested by Institute for Environmental Health
and Related Product Safety Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Hebei Provincial Epidemic Prevention Station, Jiangsu Provincial Epidemic Prevention Station, which showed that the products respectively conform to the related standards.
Baosu™ PVCM pipes are diameter 20 to 800mm, fittings are diameter 20 to 400mm injected fittings, diameter 400 to 800mm steel-plastic fittings. Baosu™ PVC-M pipes are widely used in transport and distribution, industrial, drainage and irrigation