Mini Ear-hook listening receiver Pro-ear Tour Guide System WUS2408

Mini Ear-hook listening receiver Pro-ear Tour Guide System WUS2408

Product description:

Tour Guide System consists of a transmitter with microphone for the presenter, receivers with earpiece for the listeners and storage charging case.
Tour Guide Systems bring clear-crystal communication to large tours even in many challenging noisy environments. The presenter don't need shout to compete with the noisy environment, the participants easily hear the guide speaking.
Wireless 2.4G digital Tour Guide System/ Audio Guide Equipment

  • 2400-2483MHZ band for international free license

  • 8-95 channels for multiple groups use the system at an area without interference.

  • Digitally Synthesized Frequencies

  • Powered by built-in rechargeable Lithium battery for long time continuous use.

  • Charging time: 4-6 hours

  • Battery life: 15-20 hours

  • Up to 150 meters (500ft) line-of-sight reception range

  • Belt-clip for hand-free operation

  • LCD display for battery status and channel

  • Hi-fi acoustic quality and high tone quality, CD sound quality

  • Each transmitter available for unlimited receivers

  • With MP3 Player function

  • Available for Simultaneous interpretation, 8-channel used for 6-version simultaneous interpretation, 95-channel available for more than 20 version interpretation.

Our detail products:
1. Transmitter: Belt-pack transmitter, Handheld transmitter
2. Receivers: Belt-pack receiver, Ear-hanging receiver (no need earpiece)
3. Accessories: Lapel microphone (or Head-worn microphone) for belt-pack transmitter, Single earpiece (or in-ear plug) for belt-pack receiver
4. Charging Case: 20-slot/ 28-slot/ 30-slot charging case for different receiver
Belt-pack transmitter charger: International adapter and cable
5. Carrying Case: 52-unit portable storage case can store 50pcs receivers and 2pcs transmitters.

Applications of Tour guide system:
Travel & Tourism: Tourism, museums, galleries, business and tour guides to explain the convention;
VIP reception: The promotion of company's products, high-level exhibition, the Government, the reception of VIPs visited the factory, industrial tourism;
Teaching training: Schools, training institutes, conference rooms, auditorium, classroom lectures, seminars and other learning activities, special job training.