Creative USB touch dimmer LED lights spray colorful sound | music water fountain dancing notebook speaker phone

Creative USB touch dimmer LED lights spray colorful sound | music water fountain dancing notebook speaker phone

Product description:

HiFi Efficient Class-D digital audio amplifier, built up to 15 super bright LED light source.
Lamps lighting in touch forms a stepless (or segments) arbitrarily adjust brightness.
When playing music, the energy of sound waves to break the water calm like a stone, water dance to the rhythm, sound, light and water gradient colorful music appreciation constitute the perfect environment and intoxicating.
Horn speakers hidden in the bottom of the cup, when you turn on the music, the water was allowed to stand in a transparent cup will be pushed under the acoustic energy, jumping rhythm with the music melody. Droplets when exposed to light not only be rendered in the cup out stunning visual effects, the lower half of the cup will be refracted light is projected onto the cup of water on the ceiling. ornamental color sultry music add to the fun of the beauty of life.

Material: PVC + electronics (comes with built-in lithium rechargeable USB cable)

Product size: 80 * 62 * 250mm

Box Size: 90 * 90 * 262mm
N.W / G.W: 13.1 / 14.1KGS
MEAS: 55.5 * 46.5 * 28.5CM

Frequently Asked Questions: WHY water will not dance

A: This speaker is based on the song's rhythm beat, the higher the tempo, the water dance more joy, you can put these high tempo at discos attempt to know

Q: sound, light can not regulate it

A: This sounds without adjusting the size of the button if the computer is connected to the computer directly regulated by the size of the sound, connect the phone to adjust the sound volume with a cell phone, MP3 MP4 the same beat colorful lights automatically, not manually controlled. Touch can not adjust, colorful lights automatically astigmatism

Will my Samsung phone can not

Yes, now on the market, Samsung mobile phone, iphone3 iphone4 4s ipad millet phone M1 M2 etc. smart phone, as long as the interface of the phone is 3.5 aperture can be used, the computer can use the Tablet PC MP3

Q: The quality ruffle-like, sound like ruffle

A: The product is good, the seller of the leather and then blowing sound, it can only be regarded potter praises, since the puff, the following is true for the evaluation of the customer, we say good called good, this is a one-year warranty, the quality is absolutely OK, this is a good gift giver try, stylish, elegant, new exotic gifts have become very upscale, is nowadays a friend's birthday, the best gift between lovers send each of the