Openwork crochet lace cardigan sweater

Openwork crochet lace cardigan sweater

Product description:

  • Component content: 95%

  • Made of: Cotton

  • Color Classification: Size round like finger cardigan blouse peacock flower short-sleeved blouse with a flower child Su Jingjing the same paragraph shall vest vest blouse sunflowers wave pattern short-sleeved blouse with Su tassel tassel small cape fan hedging models VIVI VIVI normal version smock blouse short paragraph shall vest in common fringed tassels blouse peanut peanut flower flower head shawl short-sleeved jacket Su money without gold shawl first map section windmill flower small boat flower shawl

  • Size: [xingse] Size [baise]

Whey crochet products are treated, will get the taste, washed enough, and will not affect the Shiyao of any seller crochet classes have odor, it can not be avoided.

As always, the simple but classic style, T-shirt models

Using a different material to the performance, hand-woven cotton, delicate feeling full

Clean, round neck, unique pattern, rich radian change hem, romantic aesthetic

Simple with a light-colored suspenders, long T, was walking freely in the streets, the focus must be you