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Large high-yield wood powder machine

Large high-yield wood powder machine
  • Large high-yield wood powder machine
Product code: 25589100001
Unit price: 16200 USD
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The large high-yield wood powder machine from Xinfei is an highly efficient, energy-saving crushing equipment as a result of our company setting successful experience of similar products at home and abroad. A variety of products are based on the absorption of merit, full use of the theory of impact, shear, impact each other, grinding and then well-developed. When the equipment working, the material in the crushing cavity obtains fully and effectively crushing, high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency and the material out from machine is equal. When useing, the equipment has the advantage of low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance. The large high-yield wood powder machine is a automated feeding device and it possesses the advantage of cleaning up the environment, saving resources and manpower. The series of the products have complete specifications, which feeding size is from 125mm to 750mm. It is the primary crushing device for you.

The scope of the large high-yield wood powder machine:

The large high-yield wood powder machine (Special wood power machine) from Xinfei is the best, most effective and most economical equipment to powder and ultrafine powder to enterprises that working Husk, corn, rice, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, dyes, paints, pesticides, metallurgy, ceramics, food, feed, non-metallic minerals and research.


1. The large high-yield wood powder machineis a vertical shaft reflection type grinder. It achieves pulverized and micronized sorting two processing operations at the same time.

2. The large hugh-yield wood powder machine with Gas flow rate regulating valve. It is no need to stop to adjust the degree of finenessof the product. And all of Powder can be recycled, it does not pollute the environment.

3. The machine has a cooling function, crushing in low temperature, the particle size is uniform.

4. The device is compact structure, small size, low power consumption, high efficiency, smooth rotation, low noise.

5. Seal and reliable, no dust pollution, self-cooling function is good, easy to install, easy to dismantle and easy to repair, easy to exchange wearing parts.

The price is 16200USD.