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Home shredder

Home shredder
  • Home shredder
Product code: 25588500001
Unit price: 1700 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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Product details:

Home shredder is mainly applied to corn, herbs, medicine, agriculture, food, chemical, metal, metallurgy, geology, research, and other units of small quantities of many varieties of traditional Chinese medicine, precious herbs, minerals, chemicals such as: gelatin, frankincense, astragalus, three seven, hippocampus, dodder, Ganoderma lucidum, licorice, pearls and other materials of different nature were well crushed. The machine uses high-speed single-phase motor, structural precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust, clean, simple operation, beautiful shape, with power and safety features, . All of those make medicines, food, and chemical production achieve the line of national standards.

The principle of the Home shredder:

The machine utilizes the relative motion between the activities chainring and fixed tooth plateso that the crushed material was crushed by the teeth of impact, friction materials and their impact crushed. And the model of 20, 30, 40all designed by GMP standard. The machime made of materials of stainless steel and the model 30 and model 40 grinding chamber can be equipped with water-cooling jacket, the machine has reached the international advanced level.

Before usingthe machine, please turn off thepower switch.

1. Open the cover (Clockwise Off, Counterclockwise open )

2. Please thke the dried drugs into the crushing chamber.

3. Close the top cover tightly.

4. Plug the power, turn the timer switch open.

5. When the rolling sounds more uniform, indicating that the drug has been crushed into powder, you can take the machine down.

6. Open the top cover, pour thepowder.

The price is 1700USD.