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Architectural templates grinder

Architectural templates grinder
  • Architectural templates grinder
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Architectural templates grinderis a new kind of professional, large-scale new crushing equipment for wood waste on the site templates, bamboo, shelves, brackets, trays, breaking the traditional model process. Using the principle of hammer pounding, plus screw conveyor, fan ventilation three step processes to complete the job. Finally, the finished materials are probably about the size of a matchstick'. Due to the large raw material, are used in thick mesh (14MM) , the minimum can only process 22 mm mesh aperture, so the finished material a bit large, are coarse broken, the yield is about 3-5 tons per hour. To crush sawdust-like, even finer, it would have to use the multi-purpose steel mill, with a small aperture sieve. This device is widely used in waste processing template, bamboo plants, plywood plant, composite mill, power plant boilers burning raw wood processing plants and individual use.

The structure composition of the architectural templates grinder:

The structure of the architectural templates grinder from Xinfeiis complex. There is a conveyor belt feeding materials ahead. Inlet has a feeder, which has the initial crushing system, nail-removing system, secondary crushing system, ventilation system, dust-removing system and so on. The processing of the material from put it in to push it out, there are seven small or large opticalmachines. It belongs to waste template crusher of automatic nail-removing system.


The structure of the waste template crusher of nail-removing system is different from template crusher that not afraid nails. Crushing effect is also different. As the name suggests, template crusher not afraid nails represents the device is not afraid nails. When crushing, nails and materials can not be separated or isolated, but mixed together. Only separated again makes reuse of itself or on the conveyor belts. The waste template crusher of nail-removing system from Xinfei can makewaste template, wooden pallets, square wood, wastedoors and other materials into sawdust one-time. And nails is separated fromsawdustcompletely, nails are nails, sawdust is sawdust. And the device has dust removal system, fullautomation, modernization.

The use and maintenanceinstructions of the architectural templates grinder:

1. The various parts of the installationshould be strictly checked before starting the machine, to see whether it meets the requirements or not. The phenomenons if screw boltsare loosing, using hand lift leather belt whirling lightly and touch shell. Also check the direction of rotation, is strictly prohibited crushed flammable, explosive materialsin order to avoid accidents.

2. In the production the materials should be maintained uniform feeding in order to ensure the quality of products and normal production. While non-motor overloadin order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

3. Apart from regularly pay attention to check all parts of tightening or loosing, the wearing parts should pay attention to check at the same time. As the machine badly wornshould be replaced to avoid damaging the main components and take the necessary fire prevention measures.

4. Due to the high speed, except installed correctly, something should be done to keep well lubricated to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Generally the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees is normal. Giving a host bearing a week butter and molybdenum disulfide, the effect of high-speed butter is better.

The price is 16500USD.