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the waste leather crusher

the waste leather crusher
  • the waste leather crusher
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Brief introduction of the waste leather crusher:

Zhengzhou Xinfeiaccording to market demand not dealing with the manufacture of leather scrap scrap, the use of domestic and foreign advanced technology to develop and producta professional cowhide and leather grinder. The aircraft combines the principles of domestic and international crushing mill to be innovative, our scientific research personnel refer a bold version, integrating a variety of domestic crushing principle and successfully developedthe energy efficient kraft mill, a set of three kinds of crushing principle. Leather can be broken into cotton-like, works by friction. High crushing efficiency, cheaper prices, durable. Mainly used to crush leather and artificial leather, fur, trunks and travel bags, umbrellas, etc.

Waste leather crusher has the advantages of beautiful appearance, durable, high yield, increased by 50% or more efficiency than the traditional, is an ideal grinder equipment at present and any crushing equipment all are unable to substitute.

Market outlookof the waste leather crusher:

Regenerated leather (leather bran paper) is the use of the corner scrap leather generated during tanning and processing of waste. After recovered, it is processed into high value-added products, leather goods, shoes, furniture and other finished leather, commonly related supporting material. As interlayer, recycled leather (leather litter paper) for its unparalleled texture, elasticity, toughness, moisture resistance and processing adaptability to replace cardboard; As a fabric, recycled leather after embossed, printed, and PU composite processes can present a variety of performance effects, widely used in leather goods, furniture, book covers and other production. According to incomplete statistics, China currently needs to be imported from abroad, more than 8400 tonsof renewable leather per year. The successful cooperation of the devicefills the gaps in our regenerated leather production.

The machine has fineness analyzer, is the new milling equipmentspecialized in lightweight materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials such as special difficult crushing.

The features of the waste leather crusher:

Kraft crusher (leather mill) , production of fine, high processing technology, the use of double body, injecting water to the body to play the role of a water-cooled, is equipped with a kind of new material playing a sound, heat dissipation. Therefore, the use of small aircraft in the production of low noise, no vibration, the feed inlet using self-priming and safe production, replacing the traditional crusher direct feed, carelessly putting piece of metal to incur serious damage to the crusher.