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the mineral water bottle crusher

the mineral water bottle crusher
  • the mineral water bottle crusher
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Brief introduction of the mineral water bottle crusher:

The water bottle crusher or crusher plastic crusher suggests that it is a plastic crusher. While the injection molding machine and granulator produce raw materials, the adverse goods and outlet material produced timely investmachineside plastic crusher, keeping the crush of clean, dryafter crushing.

In the case that'Rain proportional valve can'sets proportion, raw materials are crushed and mixed with the outlet, forming, manufacturing yield, recycling.

The benefits of crush proportions recovery system formed by plastic crusher and other auxiliary equipment (dryers, dehumidifiers, chillers, mold temperature, etc.) are the cause of physical properties of plastics - Strength , density, color, luster from destruction, which can improve the quality of the product; Its benefits include cost and material saving, automated process management improvement, no workshop prospective action, competitiveness enhanced and environmental friendly manufacturing activities.

The scopes of the mineral water bottle crusher:

Suitable for the recycle of cabinets, thin tube, blow molding parts, bottles, shells and other plastics. Plastic grinder is easy to operate, simply and quickly changing blade, flat blade structure suitable for crushing large bulky thin plastics products, to improve crushing efficiency. It is equipped with safety design featurescontrolled electronically, and filled with insulation materials, the use of double hopper structure, motor with overload protection devices. Power Equipment has a good safety and environmental protection, energy saving and durable.

The features of the mineral water bottle crusher:

1. The device is compact structure, small size, low power consumption, high efficiency, smooth rotation, low noise.

2. Seal reliable, no dust pollution, self-cooling function is good. Easy to install, easy to dismantle and easy to repair, easy to replacedamageparts.

3. Loaded diverse, mobile installation.