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the CD crusher

the CD crusher
  • the CD crusher
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Brief introduction of the CD crusher:

This series of chassis is made of sturdy welded steel. Cabinet is split structure. Cleaning, ATC and maintenance is very convenient. According to crushing, we choose the different structure of knife roll. According to the need of user, it is with the wind sent Aggregate devices and sound structure. Claw-type tool design, high crushing efficiency, small size, beautiful appearance, suitable machine edge to use. Focus on crushing, big power.

CD crusher can crush all kinds of illegal audio and video products, CDs, DVDs, tapes, all kinds of illegal publishing of books, journals, newspapers and electronic games illegal audio and video products, memory cards, USB flash drives, various information carriers, bank cards, membership cards and shopping card. In addition, the device can also be broken large plastic barrels, large appliances shell, claw knife and slice knife, suitable for crushing various plastic materials. Eg: gate, pipe, sheet, film, nylon, rubber, plastic bottles and larger saliva materials and etc.

Structural principle of the CD crusher:

Tool material using SDH-9, SKD11 and 9SICR, quality steel materials, it is rigid, reasonable, difficult to break or wear, long life; High strength (8.8) steel screw fastening, structure solid and durable, the tool is designed to install telescopic adjustment. The main body is of high quality steel material, and the mechanical properties not affected by the crushed material after the long-time use. Main body axis and double end are also processed by the high-precision coordinate boring to ensure concentricity and squareness in order.

Assembling heavy load bearing based on broken room setting double seals, Knife holder and spindle adopting heating assembly, advanced technology, the gap of the knife less than 0.05MM, which prevents the crushing powder leaking into the bearing to add motor loads. The front and rear of mill room is double glazed; the middle filled with insulation materials; noise is very low.

Separation design, drop hopper, crusher body, and the filter base are assembled according to reference hole, easily washing and remove material. The room of Cleaning material adjust the tool protection valves to ensure the safety of cleaning or adjustment; The large mill is with water cooling device to ensure productivity effect and increase the working life; Optional automatic ratio to mix old and new tanks is with screen feeder operations, which achieve automated recovery effect immediately.

The features of the CD crusher:

1. Applicable to all kinds of plastic recycling crushing, better for all types of hard plastic (such as sprue, shoe last feeding, etc.) better.

2. Jaw Crusher Series easy to operate, simple and quick to change tool; knife optimized design, claw-type knife can be dispersed by force, making each piece of the shearing force increase, suitable for crushing thick material, hard material block and first-class materials, effectively improving the cutting force and reducing tool wear;

3. safety design electronically controlled, the use of double hopper structure, soundproof material, so that the device has a good safety and environmental protection, energy saving and durable.