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the bone crusher

the bone crusher
  • the bone crusher
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Brief introduction of the bone crusher:

Bone crusher from Xinfei (also called bone machine | powerful osteoclasts machine | bone mud) is the new efficient jaw crushing equipment manufactured by our company combined with the bio-pharmaceutical domesticmarket. At present, some large companies have study in the deep processing of animal bone, also theyachieved some achievements. Theirprocessing methods are mainlyextracted ossein from animalbone in high temperature, osseinthenfurther processedinto a variety offlavoredbaseforfoodseasoning, and bone slag is used as feed calciumadditives.

The main components of bone cement are collagen and bone calcium. They have good nutritional function. Furthermore, They are the indispensable components of bones and teeth. Bone crusher makes bone cement in deep processing. Bone cement as a kind of food additive, its added value is very low. Only the collagen and bone calcium from bone cement are extracted and removal of harmful components such as heavy metals and fluoride, can make low-value-added resources into high value-added functional food additives. Now, compound amino acid and bone calcium belong to a high-end food additives, bone crusher with good functionality and the market value, good quality and lowbonecrushing, hugemarket potentialand bright prospects. Soosteoclasts machinehas a good economic and social benefits in processing of bone cement.

Structural characteristics of the bone crusher:

The knife of Xinfei bone crusher has optimized design, dispersed by the force of tool, improving the single blade shear and impact resistance. Front bladeincreases cutting angle and improve cutting efficiency, smashing particles uniformly. Hopper has sound insulation treatment, stainless steel material, good mute effect. The tool is made of high quality alloy steel by special heat treatment, wear resistance. Installation of the cutting tool can be adjusted, grindingrepeatedly after using blunt, userepeatedly, long service life. Motor is equipped with overload protection device, together withthe series of power protection to protect safety. The machine has many features of simple operation, easy cleaning and maintenance, compact structure, stable working, large output, low temperature, not the possession of material, adjustable size.

Our machine has reached the international advanced level and used all stainless steel. The process of material is not contaminated, fully in line with food hygiene standards. Wear resistance, long life, simple operation, easy cleaning and maintenance, low noise. It can processa widerange of products. After the material processing, can be very good to keep the original of each nutrient content, and preservation effect is good.

The scopes of the bone crusher:

The machine is particularly suitable forbig bones of dry and fresh cow, pig, sheep bones, donkey bones, other large animals bones and fish bones. Widely used to broke in a variety of sausages, ham, luncheon meat, meatballs, frozen food, salty flavor, bone marrow extract, bone meal, ossein, soup, bone peptide extraction, biological products, instant noodles, puffed food, complex spices, food ingredients, pet food and frozen meat and other hard materials.