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the waste paper crusher

the waste paper crusher
  • the waste paper crusher
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Brief introduction of the waste paper crusher:

At present, the recovery rate of waste paper is 35%, waste glassonly 13%, the recycling and utilization of waste household appliances, computers and other electronic waste is lower. And the waste paper crusher has not been widely applied, only limited government departments, so now for usit is still very strange. Currently, commercial competition allows office users to processdaily information more gingerly. Lest competitors will be recycled, and found significant trade secrets from the file clues, the past approaches directly into the dustbin broken is unsafe.

Thus was born theshredder, aftertheset of equipmentgrinds thepaper, you cannot see anysigns, wastepapercrusheddirectlyinto powderor fiber. And ou canre-use, protectingcommercialsecrets.

The scopes of the waste paper crusher:

Xinfei waste paper crusher (shredder) is an universal crusher. Zhengzhou Xinfei manufacturing technicians set many years of research and production experience, the successful development of new high-speed and efficient multipurpose waster paper crusher (multifunctional smash machine) .The crusher, innovative product design, compact structure, designs and manufactures mainly for paper, plastic, foam, glass, rags and others high tensile strength and easy winding splintered.

It is the special equipment for waste paper and waste. The unique design ideas and processing technology, can make any shape, such as old rags and other glass sponges rapidly brokenand collected to ensure environmental protection, no dust.

The features of the waste paper crusher:

Xinfei waste paper crusher with high quality special materials is precisely processed after a number of processes.

1. Tool wearable and durable.

2. Easy maintenance, high production efficiency;

3. The machine easy to move, stable and reliable;

4. The length of smash finished can be adjusted;

5. Easy operation, high output, low noise, no pollution