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the circuit board crusher

the circuit board crusher
  • the circuit board crusher
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Brief introduction of the circuit board crusher :

Circuit board crusher (the crusher of circuit board dedicated) is a period that discarded circuit boards, wires and other scrap recycling scrap cables must pass through before the separation of the grinding equipment. The circuit board crusher is widely used in waste printed circuit board, fiberboard, resin panels, cables and wires.

The scopes of the circuit board crusher :

The circuit boards crusher is mainly used for waste printed circuit board (copper and PCB) , waste cable wires, etc. Crushing effect is very obvious. As the city eliminate a lot of wasteevery year, the circuit board can make these wastes turn into treasure, no secondary pollution, the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving method for making crush. Payback effectis significant.

The features of the circuit board crusher :

Thecircuit boardcrusher is an advanced crushing crushing machinery. Ourcompany produces the crusher in the absorption of a variety of benefits based on the full use of impact, shear, and impact each other, grinding theories of well-developed. And in the use of the device, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance. The automated feeding equipmentwith cleaning up the environment, saving manpower and resources, etc. , meets customer demand for high yield to the greatest extent.