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the Carpet shredder

the Carpet shredder
  • the Carpet shredder
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Brief introduction of the Carpet shredder/ grinder:

The carpet grinder, a highly efficient and energy saving, can crush scrap carpet equipment. Our technicians set many years of research and production experience to develop a new equipment successfully according to the other crushers. The innovative product design, small size, compact structure, is a special equipment to deal with textile fiber for high tensile strength, easy to wound, poor working conditions. It splinters textile waste, unique design ideas and processes.

The functions of the Carpet shredder/ grinder:

Xinfei carpet grinder used scrap carpet fibersto put the material into the discharge port in order, and make any shape and structure of textile filaments, fiber mesh, fiber felt, fiber tubes, cotton, linen, old clothes, chemical fiber and other rapidly crushed and collected, so that these turns into treasure, no secondary pollution, the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving method for making crush. Payback effectis significant, economical and practical. It is an ideal fiber equipment, recycling and processing. The equipment at work, the material in the crushing cavity get full and effective crushing, high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, crushing the material evenly. And in the use of the device, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance. The automated feeding equipmentwith cleaning up the environment, saving manpower and resources, etc. , meets customer demand for high yield to the greatest extent.

The features of the Carpet shredder/ grinder:

1. Low speed, low noise, low dust.

2. Structure rugged and durable, has an impact buffer function.

3. Wear and heat-treated alloy steel blade.

4. Adapt to a wide range of materials, low running costs.

5. A variety of screen sizes available.

6. Discharging ways customization.