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Eucalyptus Paper shredders

Eucalyptus Paper shredders
  • Eucalyptus Paper shredders
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Eucalyptus is unique species to the South. Bark still has some using value. The eucalyptus Paper shredders manufactured by Xinfei is the device specifically for eucalyptus skin, bamboo, bamboo bark, bark and other materials. The fiber of the eucalyptus skinis very long, the general mill can not meet customer needs. But eucalyptus skin has a lot of values, many experts from Xinfei Joint Machinery Manufacturing Institute, developed the latest eucalyptus Paper shredders. This kind eucalyptus Paper shredders can crush eucalyptus skin into different sizes of sawdust-like or fibrous directly. The eucalyptus Paper shredders is not only used in eucalyptus skin, slab, branches crushing, but also used in the processing of all kinds of the crop stalks and forage. It is widely used in prepared section of papermaking, power, plywood, refine alcohol, mushroom, charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, HDF, MDF and the single production base of wood flour (sawdust) .

The principles of the eucalyptus Paper shredders:

The eucalyptus Paper shredders from Xinfei is different from general grinder. This kind eucalyptus Paper shredders is using the cutting of fixed and mobile knife to achieve crushing. Then according to customer requirements, coupled with the crushing device, labeled as filamentous or fibrous. Eucalyptus debrisprocessing can be processed to extract tannins, as the tanning materials and adhesives of leather processing. In addition, Eucalyptus can also aochu red plastic. And eucalyptus skin is the best raw material for papermaking.


1. Uniform effective crushing, Materials in the crushing cavity obtains full and effective coarse crushing and fine crushing.

2. High yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, crushing the material evenly.

3. When using this device, owns advantages as low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy to maintain.

4. Reasonable structure, easy to move, automatic feeding, safe and reliable.

The price is 5500USD.